Ann Aubrey Hanson


Writing Coach

"Ann Aubrey Hanson has been my critique partner for more than a decade. Her editorial judgment is first rate. She has a sharp eye, a clear head, and a wealth of knowledge about what makes for gripping fiction. Working with her is a pleasure."
Meg Gardiner, Edgar-winning author of UNSUB and INTO THE BLACK NOWHERE

"Ann always makes my story a thousand percent better. I work for weeks writing and rewriting, trying to improve my story, and she blinks her eyes a couple of times and makes it a world better."
Doug M.

"I'm so glad that I have Ann in my corner! Her idea of a "skeleton" is a great way to build a story. She always sees the crux of a situation and improves on it. Her insights are amazing."
Kayla B.

"Ann's Memoir Writing class has given me an inlet, an outlet, and a new purpose to my life in retirement. The prompts she provides, the constructive criticism she gives, and the enthusiasm with which she approaches each class have given me an opportunity to take a fresh look inward at my life, both past and present, an outlet in the wonderful world of writing, and a new purpose to my life -- the hope of publishing my memoirs to help others reflect on their lives. Do no miss an opportunity to experience the tutelage of this phenomenal woman of letters."
Anne Trevethan Birkhoff, The Wee Folk of Yorkentown

"Ann has been an instructor in UC San Diego Extension's Writing Program since 2009 and has taught courses in creative writing, specifically in scene and character development, including a very fun course called Vile, Evil Villains. She has consistently received high reviews from her students for being well prepared, engaging, and supportive. For our courses, it is very important that instructors provide a safe environment for students to celebrate creativity and to keep students on task for their writing development. Ann has achieved this atmosphere in her classes and her students greatly enjoy her courses and teaching style. I highly recommend Ann as a creative writing instructor. She is a pleasure to work with and to learn from!"
Allison Maderia, Writing Program, Program Representative, University of California, San Diego Extension

"Ann is a creative writer who offers superlative work along with a deep sense of integrity."
Patricia Ann Born

"Ann Aubrey Hanson really deserves my gratitude for patience, guidance, and professionalism in writing and editing this manuscript. She put forth an extraordinary effort to help me understand the things I missed in my narration of the stories."
Dr. Alex Kodiath, author of Elder Care: Precious Presence

Developmental Editing

"As a writer of fiction, my first venture into popular Catholic nonfiction (A Case for the Eucharist) required me to find an expert editor in this arena. With a narrowed-down field of three potential editors, I went for not the least expensive, but the one whose responsive follow-up, constructive review of my sample, and just plain likability led me to select her … Ann Aubrey Hanson. I am certainly very happy that I did! Once selected, I gave Ann not only free rein when it came to correcting grammar and the like, but also leeway in suggesting better word choice options, massaging sentence structure, and even adding to what I had written if she felt it would add value to the project. While I would, of course, review any such additions/edits, most of her content additions were retained due to their positive impact on the manuscript. While most clients may not ask for or want this level of collaboration from an editor, know that Ann is most capable in going above and beyond in these areas, and is, of course, expert in the basics of copy editing. Bottom line, Ann helped to elevate by project to a level higher than I could have achieved on my own or through the use of any other editor. I give Ann Aubrey Hanson my highest recommendation."
Dcn. Dennis Lambert, author of The Table and A Case for the Eucharist

"In October 2020, I had finished writing a Catholic nonfiction book and was looking for a professional to edit it. I wanted someone Catholic who knew the faith well. The thought of searching online for someone to send my manuscript to made me uneasy, to say the least. Eventually, my search led me to Ann Aubrey Hanson, and she promptly replied, making me feel much more at ease. Through a few email communications chats with her, I felt confident that she was the right choice. Ann accepted my manuscript and got to work editing. She skillfully accomplished all one would expect from a professional editor. Also, without changing the meaning of what I was saying, Ann cleverly restructured sentences and wording where needed, making my book read much more smoothly. If the book were a road, she fixed some cracks, filled some holes, and smoothed out the bumps—making it a pleasure to navigate. Since then, I have contracted Ann's services for another small editing project and would not hesitate to hire her in the future, if I am inspired to write another book."
William M. Simons, Living in the Light of the Face of God

"Ann"Ann Aubrey Hanson is an amazing editor. I was lucky enough to find her through a single online search for an editor skilled in academic humanities and arts writing, and her name came up. Ann was integral in helping me to edit my art history and criticism book on the late Cuban American artist Ana Mendieta, entitled Radical Virtuosity: Ana Mendieta and the Black Atlantic (MIT Press, Fall 2019). I don't think it would have turned out as beautifully as it did without Ann's help. She assisted me in all aspects of the book, from critiquing my pitch to various academic presses, to editing content and carrying out formatting during every phase of the process. Ann was always patient, prompt, and accurate with her work, meeting very quick turnarounds when they were demanded of me. I found her to be intuitive, knowledgeable, precise, and elegant when it came to smoothing out the way I said things. I always had the sense that she understood where I was going with my writing and pushed back when I was unclear or making statements that were not quite the right fit. It is so important to have faith in your editor, and I truly did, always appreciating her not only for her exacting work, but for her encouraging attitude. During the book project, Ann also assisted me with shorter articles and I will continue to call upon her for help as I embark on new writing projects. She's wonderful!"
Genevieve Hyacinthe, Assistant Professor, Contemporary Art and Visual Studies, California College of the Arts

"I cannot thank Ann Aubrey Hanson enough for all her help in editing and proofreading my manuscript. Ann took my 400-page Ph.D. dissertation and helped me turn it into a 300-page book which will be published by SUNY Press. She read my manuscript a number of times, paying attention to grammar, syntax, and content. My manuscript had a glossary of foreign words that I had defined. Ann, of course, found words in my manuscript that I myself did not realize I had missed. That shows her wonderful attention to detail. Plus, she finished editing my manuscript two weeks before the deadline I gave her. She is an excellent editor and she is incredibly efficient and professional. I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone!"
Dr. Saba Soomekh, Theological Studies Department, Loyola Marymount University, winner of the SUNY Press Gold Medal in the 2013 Independent Publisher Book Award, Religion.

Copy Editing

"I would like to commend Ann Aubrey Hanson for her excellent skills as a copy-editor, and for her professionalism. Ann worked with me on the copy-editing for my volume Hellenisms: Culture, Identity, and Ethnicity, now published by Ashgate, UK. This is an interdisciplinary work with fifteen chapters written by a distinguished group of historians, classicists, anthropologists, ethnographers, and cultural studies and comparative literature scholars on the variegated mantles of Greek ethnicity and the legacy of Greek culture for the ancient and modern Greeks in the homeland and diaspora, as well as for the ancient Romans and the modern Europeans."Ann read the 500 pages of this volume not only with an eye to inconsistencies in style but also with special sensitivity to issues of grammar and syntax. She read the whole document a number of times and also paid attention to content, a rare quality in copy-editors."Ann was also instrumental in the creation of a glossary of foreign words and an extensive index, a task she quickly developed the necessary skills for. Ann worked tirelessly with me to complete a thorough index at the required scholarly level."I recommend Ann Aubrey Hanson unreservedly to anyone working with tight deadlines. Ann will work efficiently and will not rest until she has completed the task to her client's satisfaction."
Dr. Katerina Zacharia, Chair of the Department of Classics and Archaeology, Loyola Marymount University

"Ann Aubrey Hanson balances a variety of distinct disciplines with fluidity. Of the various manuscripts we have worked on, both monographs and edited editions, Ann has navigated tight deadlines with professionalism and ease."
Sargon Donabed, Associate Professor, Department of History, Roger Williams University

"Working with tight time constrictions, Ann Aubrey Hanson delivered both of my manuscripts with detailed corrections. She cast a legion of typos out of my books and helped correct errors that had been for me unseen. I appreciated her professionalism and alacrity in getting my editing work done. If I had my way, she'd work full time for my university, helping me with all my other projects as well."
Dr. Christopher Kaczor, Philosophy Department, Loyola Marymount University

"Working with Ann Aubrey Hanson has been a pleasure. Her work is accurate and thought-provoking, exactly the kind of editor that peer scholars should have to refine and develop further their ideas. Ann has edited an article of mine which will appear shortly in my field's leading peer-review journal hosted by Harvard University and published by MIT Press. I warmly recommend her."
Aryo Makko, Visiting Fellow: University of Oxford


"Ann did an outstanding job in creating a very thorough, complex, and lengthy index for my 450-page book on the history of US national security strategy. Her index met my requirements and expectations for the book, and it will play a significant role in encouraging the public sale of the book. This is my 20th published book in the national security field, and I have worked with many editors and indexers at RAND, the Department of Defense, and for-profit publishers. I can say, without qualification, that Ann is at the top of her profession for editing and indexing. I plan to use her for future books and I encourage other writers and researchers to do the same."
Richard Kugler, A Search for Strategic Wisdom: Guiding the Twists and Turns of US National Security Strategy

"Ann, I wish I had hired you as my initial editor. Your indexing was great. I cannot wait to have it part of my book, and I would recommend your services to anyone."
Judge Arthur Capaldi, Thirty Missions to Marie

"I had the good fortune of finding Ann Aubrey Hanson as an editor for my art history book Radical Virtuosity: Ana Mendieta and the Black Atlantic (MIT Press, 2019). I then hired her to index the manuscript. Academic books require strong indexes, and Ann's rigorous indexing skills and knowledge of the subject matter were critical to the project. She streamlined and organized the unwieldy data for the 300+ page book into a clear index that hit all of the major subjects without the clutter of too many subfields. Not only was Ann skilled in creating this efficient template, but she was able to generate it very quickly to meet the publisher's aggressive deadline. I feel confident that readers will be able to use the index not only to navigate to certain areas of the book with ease, but also to identify subjects for further research of their own."
Genevieve Hyacinthe, Associate Professor, Contemporary Art and Visual Studies, California College of the Arts

"Ann did a very comprehensive job on the index for our book, Creative Economy Entrepreneurs. She was a joy to work with, informative, and very accommodating to our timeline. We will definitely use her again shall the need arise."
The Creative Startups Team/Ginny Sterpka, Program Manager

"Ann indexed a very long, very dense book on a very tight schedule. She did a fantastic job, including catching errors within the text that we missed. The index was thorough and professional, and increased the value and usability of the book. We will absolutely contact her again for her services in the future."
Sarah Heneghan, Program Manager, Post Hill Press

"Ann worked tirelessly with me to complete a thorough index at the required scholarly level. I recommend Ann Aubrey Hanson unreservedly to anyone working with tight deadlines."
Katerina Zacharia, Loyola Marymount University, Chairman Department of Classics and Archaeology

"No matter the subject and jargon, Ann's eye for detail procures the most important elements needed to compile a thorough index, regardless of time constraints."
Sargon Donabed, Associate Professor, Department of History, Roger Williams University

Technical Writing

"I contracted and supervised Ann at Sony Electronics. As Technical Writer for Sony, her work was always top-notch. Initially, she impressed me with her unparalleled ability to quickly understand all of the nuances of the project. Subsequently, she proved to be a dynamic member of the team, providing important analysis and insight that helped us to meet and exceed our goals. Ann's intrinsic ability to understand complex issues and personalities within and beyond the context of the assignment contributed significantly to our ongoing success. She is smart, intuitive, industrious, and passionate about her work. Ann is very talented, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again."
Mary Cortina, Project Manager, Sony Electronics USA

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Ann Aubrey Hanson as an editor. I have worked with Ann since 2007 as she edited several of my scholarly papers. This includes my final Masters in Nursing Project and, most recently, my Doctorate level papers and Capstone book project. Ann has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and accessibility in helping me to accomplish my objectives. She provides thorough feedback and is organized and sensitive when providing suggestions for changes in my research papers to enhance their quality. Ann is a wonderful editor. I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement."
Maria Rodriguez, RN, MSN, CNS-BC