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Editors do not edit because they thrive on correcting writers; they edit because they value the written word and its latent power and drama.

I edit fiction, academic, nonfiction, fine art, and technical and science writing, bringing to this task thirty years of experience and a lifelong love of the English language. I edit both US and UK English, and am fluent with the major style guides, such as the
Chicago Manual of Style and the Oxford Style Guide.

As an editor, I work with writers to focus on their story: plot development, fleshing-out characters, creating a world that can be seen and experienced, and surprising the reader with the unexpected story twist.

I offer several
levels of editing, depending on the needs of the writer.

Fiction Editing

This category includes crime thrillers, mysteries, fantasy, and sci-fi. As an editor, I am part cheerleader and part trail guide. My editing includes line-by-line editing, story editing, and stylistic editing (grammar, punctuation, etc.). My specialties are character development, plotting and storylines, writing with the senses, and developing evil, vile villains.

All writers should seek an editor before attempting publication, whether through an agent or self-publishing. The trick is finding an editor with whom you mesh.

Nonfiction Editing

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Nonfiction Editing
Memoir Editing

Academic Editing

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Academic Editing
Academic Copy Editing
Academic Proofreading

Fine Art Book Editing

I am the Editor of Via Lucis Press, the publishing entity of Via Lucis Photography.

Via Lucis Photography and Via Lucis Press are part of a long-term project to document Romanesque and Gothic churches in France and Spain. The projects include the photographs that are represented on the site, an initial book called Light and Stone, and custom art prints. Light and Stone is illustrated by these photographs by Dennis Aubrey and PJ McKey, with text by Dennis Aubrey, edited by Ann Aubrey Hanson.