Ann Aubrey Hanson

Levels of Editing

I offer various levels of editing:


This involves the correction of misspellings, punctuation errors, and formatting errors. When proofreading, I assume that the document is complete, that all information is correct, and that it has been previously edited at the highest level.


This includes all of the tasks mentioned in Proofreading, but includes correction of grammar, word usage, capitalization, and formatting. At this stage, I assume that the document is complete and all information is correct, but that the document has not yet been edited at this mechanical level, including consistency of word usage and style throughout the document.


At this level, I assume that the document is complete, that the information is correct, and that little or no editing has been completed. Depending on the quality of the writing, I may suggest moderate to heavy rewriting and reorganization. At this point, it is my task to make the writing as clear and coherent as possible, which means I will often question exactly what you meant to say in a particular sentence, paragraph, or chapter. Along the way, I am compelled to proofread and copyedit, since those are inseparable from the primary editing task.

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