Ann Aubrey Hanson

Editor/Writer/Writing Coach/Indexer

Writing can be an intimidating art. Writing well takes knowledge, practice, hard work, and honest critique. I have been a technical writer, a journalist, a memoir writer, and (always) a fiction writer.

As an
editor, I am both a trail guide and a cheerleader, providing encouragement, concrete guidance, and knowledge garnered from a lifetime of experience.

As a ghostwriter, I help to bring to life stories for people who have a tale to tell but who are unable to tell it themselves. As a memoir writing specialist, I help people to record their stories and preserve their legacy.

Indexing is an art, an art that is enhanced by skills and experience. I have indexed books in a variety of fields, mostly academic and historical.

I have taught writing at the university level, and have led ongoing memoir writing workshops in San Diego and online with participants around the world.

In addition to my freelance editing, I am Editor of Via Lucis Press, part of a long-term project to document Romanesque and Gothic churches in France and Spain. Visit the Via Lucis blog to learn the latest news about the project.