Ann Aubrey Hanson

Academic Editing

In the academic realm, I have edited numerous academic books and college textbooks, in both UK English and US English.

Academic Editing Projects

  • O Rare Ralph McInerny: Stories and Reflections on a Legendary Notre Dame Professor, by Christopher Kaczor (2010, St. Augustine Press).
  • The Ethics of Abortion: Women's Rights, Human Life, and the Question of Justice, by Christopher Kaczor (2010, Routledge Press).
  • Hellenisms: Culture, Identity and Ethnicity from Antiquity to Modernity, by Katerina Zacharia (2008, Ashgate Variorum).
  • Genocide in the Middle East: The Ottoman Empire, Iraq, and Sudan, by Hannibal Travis (2010, Carolina Academic Press).
  • Between Religion and Culture: Three Generations of Iranian Jewish Women from the Shahs to Los Angeles, by Saba Soomekh.
  • The Church: Christ in the World Today, author and editor Ann Aubrey Hanson (2010, St. Mary's Press).
  • Assyrians and the Iraqi State: Identity, Persecution, and Nation-Building from the Ottomans to Saddam, by Sargon George Donabed (2011).
  • Gulag Voices: Oral Histories of Soviet Detention and Exile, by Jehanne M. Gheith and Katherine R. Jolluck (2010, Palgrave Macmillan).
  • The American Bourgeoisie: Distinction and Identity in the Nineteenth Century, by Sven Beckert and Julia Rosenbaum (2010, Palgrave Macmillan).
  • Political Culture in Panama Democracy after Invasion, by Orlando J. Pérez (2010, Palgrave Macmillan).
  • Between Religion and Culture: Three Generations of Iranian Jewish Women from the Shahs to Los Angeles, by Saba Soomekh (2011, SUNY Press) Winner of the SUNY Press Gold Medal in the 2013 Independent Publisher Book Awards, Religion.
  • Yinyang in Early Chinese Thought and Culture, by Robin W. Wang (2012, Cambridge University Press).
  • Assyrian History, edited by Tomas Isik (2012, Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis/Uppsala University Press).
  • Advocates of Realpolitik: Sweden, Europe and the Helsinki Final Act, by Aryo Makko (dissertation).
  • The Assyrian Heritage: Threads of Continuity and Influence, edited by Önver A. Cetrez, Sargon G. Donabed, and Aryo Makko (2012, ACTA Universitatis Upsaliensis: Studies in Religion and Society 5).
  • Religion and the State: Europe and North America in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, by Josh Stein and Sargon Donabed (2012, Lexington Books).
  • Mosaics of Identity: Reading Muslim Women's Memoirs from Across the Diaspora, by Leila Pazargadi (dissertation).
  • "A Parallel Anticlericalism," by Hossein Sheiban (2012).
  • 'Obayd Zakani--Anticlerical Satirist? by Hossein Sheiban (2014, Journal of the American Oriental Society).
  • Sin-Seer Leadership (Working Title), by Raju Mohan (2014, unknown publisher).
  • The Self-Aware Image: An Insight into Early Modern Metapainting, by Victor I. Stoichita (2014, Brepols Press).
  • Narratives and Negotiation: Agency, Religion, and the State, edited by Sargon George Donabed and Autumn Quezada-Grant (2014, Lexington Books).
  • Andrea del Castagno and the Limits of Painting, by Anne Dunlop (2015, Harvey Miller/Brepols Press).
  • Small Animal Care and Management 4th ed. (textbook), by Dean M. Warren (2016, Cengage Learning).
  • The Neptune Fountain in Bologna: Bronze, Marble, and Water in the Making of a Papal City, by Richard Tuttle (2014, Brepols Press).
  • Vigilant Powers: Three Churches of Early Medieval Armenia, by Christina Maranci (2015, Brepols Press).
  • The Bargello Palace and the Invention of Civic Architecture in Florence, by Amee Yunn (2015, Brepols Press).
  • Reforging a Forgotten History: Iraq and the Assyrians in the Twentieth Century, by Sargon George Donabed (2015, Edinburgh University Press).
  • Global Business (textbook), by Mike W. Peng (2016, Cengage Learning).
  • Global Strategy 4e, by Mike W. Peng (digital only) (2016, Cengage Learning).
  • Residential Construction Academy: Basic Principles for Construction, by Mark W. Huth (2015, Cengage Learning).
  • Construction Materials, Methods, and Techniques: Building for a Sustainable Future 4e, by William P. Spence and Eva Kultermann (2016, Cengage Learning).
  • Advanced Machining Processes of Metallic Materials, 2nd Edition, by Wit Grzesik (2016, Elsevier Press).
  • El Monte Earthworks: Black Atlantic Temporality in Ana Mendieta's "Selfies," by Genevieve Hyacinthe (2018, MIT Press).
  • "I Am Basquait": Tracing Jean-Michel Basquait's Alterity and Activism in Paint and Performance, by Genevieve Hyacinthe (2018, Bucknell University Press/Rutgers).
  • Marketing and Globalization, by Aurélia Durand (2018, Routledge/Taylor & Francis).
  • Concurrency in .NET: Modern Patterns of Concurrent and Parallel Programming, by Riccardo Terrell (2018, Manning Publications Company).
  • Radical Virtuosity: Ana Mendieta and the Black Atlantic, by Genevieve Hyacinthe (2019, MIT Press).

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