Ann Aubrey Hanson


Journalism • Books • Technical • Science • Fiction • Ghostwriting

I offer more than two decades of experience in writing, as a novelist, journalist, memoir writer, technical writer, science writer, medical writer, memoirist, and ghostwriter.


For ten years, I served as Editor and Associate Editor of The Southern Cross, the Catholic newspaper of San Diego. During those years, I honed my skills in writing for knowledge and editing. The decade at the paper garnered me numerous top journalism awards from both local and national press organizations.
In addition to my work with The Southern Cross, I have written freelance articles for a variety of magazines and news services.

Book Authoring

As a freelance writer, I co-authored two books for the computer market:

Adobe Acrobat v2.1: Adobe by Example, published by MIS Press

Fractal Design Dabbler 2, published by Charles River Media

In addition, I co-wrote
The Church: Christ in the World Today (2010, St. Mary's Press).


Technical Writing

Prior to and simultaneous with my career in journalism, I worked as a technical writer, primarily in the computer industry, but also writing for the medical and science fields when the opportunity arises. Among my dozens of clients were:
Sony USA
Intuit Corporation
University of San Diego
Fujitsu Systems of America
SAIC Technologies
Cengage Publishing (college business and construction engineering textbooks)

Science Writing

I have been a writer and editor in the sciences for many years, working in geophysics, geology, environmental science, biology, life sciences, and oceanography. Among my clients are:
Woods Hole Group
Aubrey Consulting, Inc.
Aubrey Consulting Engineering
Woods Hole Instruments Lab
Nekton, Inc.
Ogle Petroleum, Inc.
Cengage Publishing (college science textbooks)


My first love is fiction. I earned my Master of Fine Arts degree in Fiction Writing at the University of Oregon and have been writing fiction ever since.


A ghostwriter is a professional writer who is paid to write texts that are officially credited to someone else. Ghostwriting requires a strong sense of self, and a willingness to subsume that self to the needs of others.

I have written books for business professionals, medical professionals, a bioethicist, and a Hungarian immigrant, though I eschew academic ghostwriting, believing that all academics should earn their own accolades.

While I would like to list my ghostwriting publications, that would be telling. Suffice it to say, several books and numerous articles have appeared in print without my name on the cover, though I am often given credit in the acknowledgements. It’s a game of find-and-seek.