Ann Aubrey

Ann Aubrey

Writing and editing are my life's passions. As a freelance editor and writing coach, I have the perfect career.

I earned my BA in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and later two degrees, MA in English Literature and MFA in Creative Writing—Fiction, from the University of Oregon. In addition, I pursued studies toward a master's degree in Theology at the University of San Diego, CA.

Since graduating, I have earned my living solely as a writer and editor: writing instructor, freelance writer/editor, ghostwriter, fiction writer, technical writer/editor, science writer/editor, and journalist for a Catholic newspaper.

I have the perfect career. Helping others to write their stories, or publish their knowledge and expertise. With each contract, new horizons open for me. It's a win-win for my clients and for me. I work with academics, new writers, accomplished and published writers … with anyone who wants help getting their book ready for publication. My speciality is Catholic writers, because there are so few Catholic editors who know the faith inside and out, as I do. I not only help with the word smithing, but can also verify the theology.

I publish a writing/editing blog at
The Writing Itch.

I also help people to capture their lives through memoir writing. My memoir writing blog can be found at
A Why to Live.

Raised as an Army brat, I have traveled the world since I was a child and have not lost the taste for new worlds, new cultures, or new friends. I've recently lived in Canada and Brazil, and now live in Romania. The life as a diplomat's wife broadens my horizons.

Toss Off the Bowlines is a travel blog of my current adventures.